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Hello & welcome to the Fearless Self-Love Podcast! Loving ourselves is the most selfless thing we can do. When we prioritize our own needs, we show up more fully for others. We are more receptive and aware. We begin to live with ease. Each episode features conversations with creatives and wellness pros, whose real-life stories will inspire you to take the next step toward living a life you love. Our bottom line is to cultivate communities of fearless self-love and compassionate connection…and you'll feel like you're right here with us, sitting around the table with a pot of tea. We'll walk you through an easeful living practice, and leave you with a courageous self-care tip. I'm your host, Andrea Catherine, Yoga Health Coach, & your advocate to live a flourishing Life You Love. [New episodes released on the 1st and 15th of every month.]

Aug 6, 2019

Kathleen Hanagan is a spiritual activist. She believes that being able to hold space for our own feelings as well as for the beliefs and opinions of others  -- without attaching ourselves to them -- creates healthy connections. Her compassion, humor, and candor help people discover deeper meaning in their own challenges. She shows us that courage and compassion can transform our lives, which then changes the world. In this episode, Kathleen and I have a thoughtful, poignant discussion about change, connections and the challenge of moving toward self love. 


In this episode:

  • How to embrace self-love through the power of mirroring
  • How to  challenge your inner voice/critic through life’s changes
  • How healthy connections can heal and transform in times of grieving


Links Mentioned:


Loveseed, The Template For Birthing A New World by Kathleen Hanagan

Fearless Self-Love Retreat 

Johann Hari  Ted Talk

Book: Changing For Good by James O. Prochaska

The seven chakras:

African Birth Song:

Favorite Quotes:

“Healthy connection is what allows us to heal and transform.” -Kathleen Hanagan

“Our own life experiences are educational and serve us when we move into what we want.” -Andrea Catherine

“The voice of the inner critic is very loud. It is not the voice of our real self. It is a fear based voice that tries to keep us small and quiet.” -Kathleen Hanagan

“The best motivator for change is self-love.” -Kathleen Hanagan

“We don’t have to have resolve every problem in our life to have self love.” -Andrea Catherine

“If you don’t follow through with an intention, don’t judge or self criticize, examine why? What took precedence? Let it be. That is self love.” -Kathleen Hanagan

“If you say you love yourself but don’t take care of yourself then it is easier to justify doing other things. It is self deception.” -Andrea Catherine

“We are wired to feel things. It is not natural to stop the process of feeling.” -Kathleen Hanagan

“Reflect and hold space for yourself and others without taking on negativity. I hear you, I see what you are saying. I reflect back but I don’t take it on. That, is an art.” -Kathleen Hanagan

“You can’t heal until you feel. By bringing consciousness (without judgement) to pain, pain transforms. Grief transforms to compassion and love, anger transforms to power, and fear transforms to enthusiasm.” -Kathleen Hanagan


Meet Kathleen:

Kathleen Hanagan is spiritual teacher, modern mystic, psychotherapist, and author, whose work integrates the essential wisdom of the great spiritual traditions with scientific knowledge, 30 years working intimately with individuals, couples, and groups, and her own quest for liberation. Kathleen’s gift is her ability to translate esoteric knowledge into practical tools that help us navigate the stormy waters of the human journey.  Her book, Loveseed: The Template To Birth A New World, teaches us how to live from the center of our being, and how to live our Soul’s purpose in full integrity and prosperity.