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Hello & welcome to the Fearless Self-Love Podcast! Loving ourselves is the most selfless thing we can do. When we prioritize our own needs, we show up more fully for others. We are more receptive and aware. We begin to live with ease. Each episode features conversations with creatives and wellness pros, whose real-life stories will inspire you to take the next step toward living a life you love. Our bottom line is to cultivate communities of fearless self-love and compassionate connection…and you'll feel like you're right here with us, sitting around the table with a pot of tea. We'll walk you through an easeful living practice, and leave you with a courageous self-care tip. I'm your host, Andrea Catherine, Yoga Health Coach, & your advocate to live a flourishing Life You Love. [New episodes released on the 1st and 15th of every month.]

Jul 14, 2018

This is not about relationship advice, or the mature loving relationship of many years. Nor is it about being in-lust. Rather it is about that in-love place, You can’t wait to see that person again, your life is overflowing with feelings and emotions. We explore the connection of being in love with another to loving ourselves, as well as the revolutionary qualities of being in love, both the wonderful and the challenging. People’s lives change when they fall in love.

Listen in as Michael and I riff on confidence, taking risks, fantasizing, and the value of throwing out sensibility from time to time. This is not an episode only for those in love or on the verge of it. We also talk about how to access the benefits of being in love when we’re not.


  • How falling in love changes us for the better and the worse
  • Why gaining confidence come from taking risks
  • How to dance with your dreams and benefit from fantasizing

Show Highlights:

:58 Fearless Self love Retreat Bonus Details

03:08 Easeful Living Practice ~ Love note to self

06:48 Interview with Michael Joseph begins -- he’s seen over 100 people in that in-love stage & what it has to do with self-love

18:06 What’s confidence have to with it? How being in love bolsters our courage to try new things and also our tolerance for unhelpful behavior

24:25 Patterns of falling in love: enlivening of the senses

31:19 How to get connection with ourselves, fearlessness, oxytocin if we’re not in love

41:20 Dance with the dream, the benefits of fantasizing

48:18 The value of trusting and, at times, questioning our intuition

56:06 Courageous Self-Care Tip: Take a risk!


Your Favorite Quotes

“When we see someone in love, sometimes we actually think, ‘they’re crazy, why are they doing that, what’s that about, why are they risking everything?’” -- Michael Joseph

“[Being in love] has a bright side, it has a danger to it, but it’s very enriching.” -- Michael Joseph

“Sometimes we connect with parts of ourselves in loving another person that had been forgotten...or we didn’t know was there... we actually not only fall in love with the person, but we may fall in love with a part of ourselves that have been lost.” -- Michael Joseph

“How am I allowing my connections with others to inform my connection with myself?” --Andrea Catherine

“We often attribute to another, a power that was already in ourselves.” -- Michael Joseph

“Sometimes that in-love feeling is really kind of a need we’re speaking to--I need some stimulation, I need some novelty, I need something to test myself against.” -- Michael Joseph

“Falling in love is sort of like an emotional extreme sport.” -- Michael Joseph

“Andrea, you need to go inside yourself, and find what makes you strong.” -- Paras Moghtader, Andrea’s friend (S1 E7 Fearless Abundance of Yoga & Ayurveda)

“Tapping into the dream of yourself, and taking a step in the direction of that dream, that’s self-love.” -- Michael Joseph

“You get confidence by risking being told no.” -- Michael Joseph


Meet Michael:

I'm a therapist, musician, rock climber, basketball player.  I've spent the last 30+ years of my life exploring in my own life and with my clients the nature of love, life, emotional suffering and emotional joy.  I feel privileged to be in a profession where I have the opportunity learn something everyday about life in conversation with the people who come to me.