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Hello & welcome to the Fearless Self-Love Podcast! Loving ourselves is the most selfless thing we can do. When we prioritize our own needs, we show up more fully for others. We are more receptive and aware. We begin to live with ease. Each episode features conversations with creatives and wellness pros, whose real-life stories will inspire you to take the next step toward living a life you love. Our bottom line is to cultivate communities of fearless self-love and compassionate connection…and you'll feel like you're right here with us, sitting around the table with a pot of tea. We'll walk you through an easeful living practice, and leave you with a courageous self-care tip. I'm your host, Andrea Catherine, Yoga Health Coach, & your advocate to live a flourishing Life You Love. [New episodes released on the 1st and 15th of every month.]

Jan 26, 2018

Whether you're already a solo entrepreneur or looking to start your own business, niche marketing can help you bring your ideas to fruition. Tune in to hear from Rachel Starr, owner of Distinct Darlings, who shares her own personal story through brand marketing and how to utilize your unique self to grow your business. She offers practical advice for getting started with your brand and how important vulnerability is in attracting your ideal clientele. This is the intersection of courageous self-love and fearless career dreams.


  • How to focus your niche market to reflect your ideal client
  • Why being fearless in business requires vulnerability
  • How to create a brand that tells “your story”


Links Mentioned:
Distinct Darlings, 

Yoga Health Coaching,

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Show Highlights:

12:52- How your brand matches your story and attracts your clientele

13:37- How Rachel found her niche

16:12- Being who you are rather than “selling big”- The consequences of trying to be something you're not

18:52- Niche marketing: How to market yourself

22:42- Envisioning your future with no attachments

24:42- Balancing our failures with self-care

26:08- Vulnerability in marketing: Risky or beneficial?

28:42- How to create “your story”- Start with your beginning, focus on evolution of your story

30:57- Relevance of place in building and branding yourself

34:32- Steps for starting your niche marketing plan: Brand your story, Pinterest your ideas, then Combine the two

39:23 - Courageous Self-Care Tip

Favorite Quotes

“I’m selling myself.” - Andrea Catherine

“If our brand represents who we are, then that helps people to connect with us more deeply.” - Andrea Catherine

“It’s a lot easier to market to a niche market.” - Rachel Starr

“You have to sit down and develop what your own story is. What brought you to this point? And why they should hire you over the other four people? And then, you have to run with your ideas, your thoughts.” - Rachel Starr

“The number [of people] doesn't always matter.” - Rachel Starr

“You don't need to have 30,000 people looking at what you post a day, you need four people to say ‘Oh, I want her in my life.’” - Rachel Starr

“The more you can be real, the easier your social media and aesthetic will be.” - Rachel Starr

“If you feel like you have this fake facade of your brand...people will feel that they can't measure up to you.” -Rachel Starr


Guest Bio:

Rachel Starr is owner and creator of Distinct Darlings located in Whitefish, MT. Her strategic marketing solutions are designed to help those looking for brand marketing, consulting, virtual assistance, and design assistance to take your business to the next level. You can visit her website at or follow her on IG @distinctly_rachel.